A diverse experience: feast of Lebanese cuisine

Few food groups embody such a wide array of different foods while still connecting each one to the same thread. In the case of Lebanese cuisine, earthly flavours and fresh ingredients are the focus, leaving behind much of the high-calorie fare prevalent in the typical Western diet. As far back as the times of the ancient Egyptians, Palestinians and Syrians, the superior nutrition of the Lebanese diet has been praised and documented. There are many Lebanese restaurants in Dubai.

What is the primary focus of Lebanese food?

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seafood, starches and the occasional bit of poultry are the primary focus of the Lebanese diet. These foods are more natural for the human body to consume, easier to digest and more beneficial for the body. Raw vegetables are served on plates with grilled vegetables and baked bread, in addition to herbs and spices like garlic and dressings like olive oil and lemon.

Is Lebanese Food healthy?

They centre on fruits and vegetables specifically where Lebanese food gets its reputation for being such a healthful diet. Enormous servings of mixed greens brimming with garlic scraps and olive oil flood with fundamental vitamins and minerals, in expansion to the essential amount of protein that the human body needs.

Unique veggies like eggplant and cauliflower give recognizably bizarre flavours that astonish your taste buds and make conventional servings of mixed greens into something unused and interesting. The dip known as hummus is a universal spread and can be utilized in several diverse ways, from a dip for pita chips to a sandwich spread in case you would like to undertake there are numerous Lebanese food restaurants in Dubai like SEWAR that offer such lip-smacking cuisines.

Some famous Lebanese Foods that you ought to try once

Pizza may be a basic and versatile dinner concept in numerous societies. Lebanese culture is no different and we have a tasty form that's like a hand-crafted flatbread-style pizza topped with lively flavours and olive oil. Traditionally manaqish is made with a mixture, but we know you're busy, so we've made a version of this top-notch dish with our pita bread and za'atar flavour.


Savoury mince is another favourite dish worldwide. Lebanon's version is Kibbeh and it will not disappoint! Made from minced meat (usually lamb or beef) and mixed with bulgur wheat, onions and spices (our za'atar blend is a popular Kibbeh flavour choice). It can be prepared in fried balls, baked in a tray, or even as a topping for Manaqish. Its rich and savoury flavour makes it a beloved dish.


You can't go past this vegetarian and vegan-friendly taste explosion! Falafel is a popular Middle Eastern dish made from ground chickpeas, mixed with herbs, spices, and onions. The mixture is shaped into small balls or patties and deep-fried until crispy. Falafel is often served in pita bread with tahini sauce or hummus and a variety of toppings.


A popular street food in Lebanon, Shawarma is thinly sliced meat marinated in a blend of traditional spices, lemon juice and vinegar. Zesty, flavourful and oh-so-good, it works in wraps, salads, on manaqish, or even a mezze platter. Shawarma is truly one of the most authentic tastes of Lebanon.


Lamb is a really popular protein in Lebanese cuisine and it's easy to see why It's delicious! Especially when you pair it with the right mix of spices. Marinated lamb is super easy to cook as you can either slow roast it in the oven or the crock pot. Choose lamb shanks or a shoulder or leg, coat with a spice mix and slow roast to perfection. You can get all these at SEWAR because they are a famous Lebanese restaurant in Dubai.