The Sheesha Culture in UAE

Sheesha or water-pipe is a centuries-old part of Middle Eastern culture. The sheehsa culture adds allure to the mesmerizing culture of UAE and is a factor behind attracting large crowds of visitors to UAE. All smoke-loving visitors that come to tour Dubai want to try sheesha or Hookah at least once in their lives. It’s a piece of equipment with a long pipe attached to it. The main equipment has a place to burn tobacco, a piece of coal separated by foil, and some water to draw smoke. If you are looking to enjoy sheesha, you need to visit any Arabic Night Club In Garhoud in their services. At Sewar, the traditional sheesha is offered to visitors in an enchanting ambiance along with delicious food.

The Cafe Culture

People visit cafes to enjoy the sips of tea along with the puffs of sheesha. It has become an integral part of meeting between friends and colleagues where they discuss matters and exchange ideas.

Beat the heat

In middles eastern colure, sheesha is believed to be effective in relaxing in the hot arid climate of the region. It has become a way to unwind and relax after a hectic day at work. Traditionally, people used to gather at a special place called ‘Majlis’ where they would sit inside a tent with a lot of cushions to relax and smoke sheehsa.

Social Gatherings

In Middle Eastern culture, hookah or sheesha acts as a catalyst to bring people together on the table. The gatherings have such an ambiance that the services make sure to not run out of coal. The sheesha is an integral part of gatherings in UAE. People used to smoke sheesha and narrate the folklores to the listeners.


As the world and culture evolved in the Middle East, hookah also kept its pace and became part of the extravagant parties in UAE. A typical

Lebanese Restaurant In Dubai has designated staff to deal with the demand for sheesha smoking. They have hired members for specific jobs such as for changing the coal and to get the new one ready. Sheesha can be enjoyed in indoor café, outdoor tents, or even at the rooftops gathering. Of course, there are health hazards attached to smoking and one should remain cognizant of local laws for the safe consumption of sheesha.