If you wanted to learn about a place, you may either read a book or listen to a person who has travelled the land. It is said that language helps communicate the feelings, aspects and experiences felt by one to the other. Both, colloquial and written versions of language, as a form of expression, do help express to the listeners and readers what the speaker or writer wants to convey. But it is also told by many of the wise folklore that have lived on this planet before us that one of the strongest bonds with a place is instantly felt by immersing oneself in the real feel of the culture of the place. And what better experience is it to know a place than by dipping your senses in the “food” of the place.

Well, at Sewar - a Lebanese Shisha Restaurant near airport, I got to know this one form of communication and expression that the restaurant had to offer to enrich my knowledge and experience about one of the many beautiful places on this planet earth – Lebanon! Through their food, they could help to make that instant connection with you and take you along to experience and immerse in the feel and flavor of Lebanese cuisine. There is no better way to know a place than to fill your palate with the mouth-watering offerings ranging from Lebanese mezza, prepared in authentic wholesome Lebanese style of using fresh veggies and fruits along with flavorful fish and other seafood, to Arak-an anise-flavored liquor to quench your thirst. The diverse offerings, right from the salads, to the versatile cold and hot mezze and the delicious Lebanese desserts like Kahstaliyeh-a light middle- eastern dessert made of thick milk and topped with rose water, honey and pistachios are a diner’s delight

If this was not already enough to satiate your feelings, they have made sure to lift your mood further by decorating the ambiance with melodious performances from talented singers, to eye catching performances by belly dancers! Well yes of course the wonderful DJs are whom I cannot miss and forget either! The evening begins with these entertaining performances and keeps getting richer as the night unfolds. Your discovery of the place through the food is enhanced multifold by the ever hospitable and courteous staff of the restaurant. There is never a dull moment at this place and it truly is much more than just


So if you are looking for a Famous Lebanese Restaurant right in your very own Dubai, then you know the address that you have to tune into to have an unforgettable experience that lights up your evening! Do not look beyond in your search for the best Lebanese restaurants in Dubai since this is where the search will end and your journey will begin to enjoy many more evenings with friends and families alike!