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An enthusiastic foodie always finds true love in yummy cuisines. For such people Dubai is a paradise that has almost everything to satisfy your appetite. At Sewar Lebanese Restaurant, we are committed to satisfy the cravings of foodies who have special love for Arabic and Lebanese cuisines. We are the finest and most well-known Arabic shisha restaurant in Dubai. From coffee to all the famous Middle Eastern delights, you can taste everything under our roof. It is now a growing trend in UAE to spend some quality time with friends and engage with some social bonding activities. As one of the best shisha restaurants in Garhoud, we are fully familiar with the expectations of our loyal guests. Catering the needs of our beloved guests in impeccable manner is our ultimate responsibility. Sewar Lebanese Restaurant is lauded for making excellent arrangements for the guests whether it is a simple coffee with friends, cementing of business alliances or making a romantic proposal before the love interest.

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When you are venturing out with friends and loved ones in Dubai, the best way is unwinding the puffing away. Enjoy a flavorful shisha at our restaurant. The internal ambience of Sewar is very warm and comfortable. It is one of the most decent place to dine with friends. Appetizers find sufficient options in our rich menu. The excellent menu of Sewar Restaurant is decorated with many mouth watering dishes such as eggplant moussaka, lamb tongue, green beans, avocado hummus, garlic labneh and many more. If you are searching for a shisha restaurant near airport, look no further than us. We are conveniently located and strive to fulfill expectations of the guest in impeccable manner. Sewar restaurant has carved a special place for itself in the heart of foodies. It is a matter of pride for us to be counted amongst the best Lebanese shisha restaurants in Dubai. We have expert chefs who can quell your hunger pangs. From fresh raw meat, grilled non vegetarian food, sea food, sweet desserts to beverages, we have everything in our Lebanese shisha restaurants in Dubai.

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Sewar Restaurant firmly believes that cravings of all appetizers must be satisfied. Our menu aims to satisfy the expectations of all taste explorers. In our shisha restaurant near airport, it is extremely convenient for foodies to find Lebanese cuisines cooked in conventional methods by regional chefs. Dubai is constantly receiving an influx of expats. Vast number of tourists and businessmen are stepping into the city. As Dubai is on the verge of becoming a gastronomic hub, Sewar Restaurant is keen on satisfying taste buds of foodies who are looking for a Arabic shisha Restaurant In Dubai.