Posted : 03-Jan-2021

The Halal Certification and the World

In the Asian countries generally the non vegetarian people usually purchase meat from the shops nearby their houses because the sale trend of frozen or preserved meat is generally in the developed countries and there people have to rely on the supply done by the meat processing companies,


Posted : 31-12-2020

Understand the Halal Certification

The roots of the religion Islam is form the Arab region and which is famous as Middle East now a days. There are two types of things that are famous about Islam and those are termed as ‘Haram’ and 'Halal'.


Posted : 08-12-2020

Dash Diet - best Lebanese food Dubai

The doctors believe that this diet can make the holistic condition of the human body better. The rating of the dash diet recipe is three decimal five out of the number five and four decimal five out of the number five in the health usefulness.


Posted : 20-10-2020

Delectable and mood at sewar

Are you planning for going out, then your search ends here? Sewar restaurant offer authentic Lebanese food on your table. They offer all type of Lebanese food and beverages.


Posted : 29-09-2020

Let’s explore some mouth-watering Lebanese cuisine

Lebanese cuisine is amongst one of the best cuisines in the world when it comes to nonveg delectable. Juicy meat with lesser gravy accompanied with a different type of sauce is a sure treat to have while you are in any middle east country.


Posted : 14-09-2020

Experience the delicacy with coal burning shisha and beautiful belly dance

Amazing, Shisha and belly dancing nights. Well, Dubai is not only well known for its architecture, shopping, and full of World Records but also for its vibrant and exotic nightlife. Dubai has very vast variety in terms of nightlife and enjoyment.


Posted : 27-08-2020

Experience Lebanon right in your very own Dubai!

If you wanted to learn about a place, you may either read a book or listen to a person who has travelled the land. It is said that language helps communicate


Posted : 13-08-2020

Enjoy your Meals in a Lebanese Shisha Restaurant

It is a fact that shisha has become the latest fad amongst both adults and youth in most of the megacities around the planet. In the Middle East shisha smoking has become an integral part of culture.