Arabic Food for iftar

Ramzan is the month of blessing and festivities and it is observed with great fervor all across Dubai. Since the city is metropolitan, it is home to a diverse population with people from all ethnicities and religions living in peace and harmony. During special months such as Ramzan, Dubai witnesses a sense of festivity all over the place. While the day remains peaceful and calm during the daytime, the restaurants and cafes witness a rush of customers in the evening during iftar time. Many flocks to restaurants to enjoy delicious food while they break their fasts. During Ramzan, the Arabic and Lebanese restaurants are mostly found to be most crowded because people mostly opt for Arabic food in their iftar. The phenomena are so great that it forced us to know why people opt for arabic restaurant in Dubai to open their fasts. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why Arabic food in particular is so loved in Dubai during the iftar time.

Low Spices

One of the leading reasons why people opt to go to Arabic Restaurants is to have Arabic food that is known to use mild spices. After a long day of fasting, the health practitioners advise avoiding spices on empty stomach. The stomach needs mild food to get back into the digestion process and if we eat spicy food it may lead to severe stomach problems.

Original Taste

There is no denying the fact that Arabian food is extremely tasty. Made with rich ingredients such as olive oil, lamb meat, fresh vegetables, and lentils, Arabian cuisine has a distinctive taste of its own and it doesn’t depend on spices to bring a taste. Those who want to make their iftar special with delicious food, opt for Arabian food.

Healthy Diet

Arabian food is considered healthy to consume. During Ramzan, fasting for nearly 15 to 16 hours a day can drain a person that’s why it is always advised to consume healthy food in iftar and suhoor to balance the diet intake. If you are ensuring the inclusion of a healthy diet, you can easily spend the rest of the month without losing energy.

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