Lebanese Traditional Restaurant Dubai


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Dubai is a fusion of many cultures. Businesspersons, expats, investors and tourists are seen frequently moving around in this megacity. Here, at Sewar Restaurant, we address the requirement of foodies who are exclusively questing for Lebanese traditional restaurants. Even if your dining choice is very special, just look inside our menu. Almost everything such as grilled meat, mezze, salads, beverages and abundant fresh seafood is present to satisfy your taste buds.

Our expert chefs are deft in making your mood. Yes, super tasty and fresh food can make your day. Due to the authenticity of dishes served at Sewar, our loyal guests return again and again. The guests are rejoiced to see the warm and welcoming atmosphere at Sewar. You will slip into extreme comfort as everything is finely arranged. From shisha, light music, comfortable ambience to finest seating arrangement, everything will make you excited. Many foodies, expats from Lebanon admit that they deliberately visit us for finely grilled meat, scrumptious desserts and other Lebanese delights. The credit for such yummy food goes to our chefs. Very few Lebanese traditional Restaurants Dubai are capable of satisfying the taste buds of the foodies.

The decor and internal settings of Sewar are truly beautiful. We intend to take our guests on a Lebansese feast that also has a touch of belly dance, shisha. For making excellent, we have already attained a well-deserved reputation. As per desire, you can taste Lebanese, Arabic and other Middle Eastern cuisines. Above all this, we deliver utmost and soul satisfying satisfaction in our Lebanese traditional restaurant. Elegant Lebanese restaurant with a playful menu! What else is required to turn the evening memorable? You can discover a modern palate with other contemporary influences. Just book a table at our Lebanese traditional restaurants Dubai and enjoy quality time with loved friends and family members.