Understand The Halal Certification

The roots of the religion Islam is form the Arab region and which is famous as Middle East now a days. There are two types of things that are famous about Islam and those are termed as ‘Haram’ and 'Halal'. The things that are permissible according to the Islamic law are 'Halal' and the things that are not permissible or forbidden in Islam are ‘Haram’. Come to SEWAR for Lebanese traditional restaurant!

The dash diet helps in reducing the redundant calories from the body and this when it comes to vascular system this diet reduces blood pressure and balance it within the people who are under the influence of hypertension. This is not the limit of the dash diet because it deals with many other problems and tweaks them successfully.

When it comes to dietary laws in Islam then meat is permissible only when the certain category of animal is slaughtered within the accordance of Islamic regulations. Come to Lebanese Restaurant Near Dubai Airport ! The globalization has caused many cities that converted into the 'Cosmopolitans', and this has raised the lawful dietary concerns for the Muslims across the globe residing in the non Muslim countries, and here the Significance of the 'Halal' certification lies. So if the restaurants, the meat production units and other edible products etc. do have the 'Halal Certification' then there are good chances to attract Muslim customers. Visit top Lebanese restaurant in Dubai!


The holy book in Islam is known as Quran, and this book is the sole guidance for the individuals who follow Islam. The dietary laws are followed by the Muslims are based on the verses written in this book, and come to SEWAR which is one of the famous Lebanese restaurants in Dubai known for best Lebanese food. So the things that are forbidden in Islam and should be strictly followed by the Muslims are

The Alcohol or the edibles prepared in which the alcohol is used as an ingredients. If you are looking for Lebanese restaurant near Dubai Air Port then come to SEWAR.

The animals that are already dead due to the natural causes

The blood of any animal or any edible prepared with the blood as ingredient

Pork or the meat of pig is also not allowed to eat, and anything edible that has pork fat even as supplement

Any cattle that is not slaughtered according to the rules defined in Quran is forbidden or ‘haram’ to eat. Try the best Lebanese food Dubai!


The food that comes from the supplier whose practices are Halal is permissible for the Islamic followers to eat. Come to SEWAR which is a Lebanese traditional restaurant Dubai!

The way an animal should be slaughtered so all the blood should vented out of the body at the maximum natural possibility.

The sharpened lethal knife should be used by the man who is about to slit the throat of the animal in such a way that all the life lines should be cut except the spinal cord because this is the natural way to vent out the blood out of the body to the maximum possibility.

The cattle meat becomes permissible when it is slaughtered by a Muslim man or woman only, and in some places the cattle slaughtered by the Christians or Jews is also permissible because they come into Abrahamic Religions. SEWAR is famous as Lebanese Traditional Restaurant Dubai

Certain blessings must be uttered by the man while he is slaughtering the cattle or permissible animal.