Lebanese cafe Garhoud, Dubai


Sewar - A Haven of Lebanese Delights

Dubai is ubiquitously famous for its eating establishments. Sewar Lebanese Restaurant is one such establishment where you can enjoy a cup of coffee after a tiresome day of sightseeing and shopping. Our Lebanese café Dubai offers a very excellent menu and you can easily enjoy light meals and beverages as per wish. The energy of the body is exhausted after taking long trips in the city. At our Lebanese café Garhoud, you can rejuvenate and take some rest while taking a sip of coffee and other beverages.

We are fully aware that foodies look for authentic Middle-Eastern and Lebanese taste. There is a special joy of consuming light meals that bursts with tangling taste. If you are searching for Lebanese restaurant and café Dubai for some amazing experience then we are the best option. Forget about all worries of life while relishing on light meals, coffee and beverages in our Lebanese café with shisha Dubai. Good food, relaxing atmosphere, comfortable ambience is the specialty of our gourmet café. In our Lebanese café Garhoud we simply offer Light Healthy Food and organic dishes that will certainly tickle your palate. Hard rock music and great light food is our specialty.

All the food served in Sewar restaurant is made up of fresh pulses, vegetables, own baked goods and other organic ingredients. You will experience a different vibe in our Lebanese café Garhoud. Our service is fast and the mezze will appear on your table almost instantly. Meat and other food products are grilled well prior to serving them to our guests. Book a table in our Lebanese Café Dubai and you can taste different varieties of exotic tea and several other tangy Lebanese delights. We offer something for everyone.