Lebanese Restaurant With Belly Dance


Taste Rich Lebanese Cuisines While Watching Belly Dance Performances

There is no dearth of Arabic restaurants in Dubai but many foodies admire relishing on yummy cuisines with a pinch of light entertainment. Some guests admire live artist performances whereas others are fond of belly dancing. If you are searching for the best Lebanese Restaurant with belly dance then Sewar is an excellent alternative. We are known for serving fingerlicking Lebanese cuisines to our guests in adjustable light settings where belly dancers give a demonstration of their art.

Live entertainment is very engaging and gives us a brief relief from routine exhaustion. At our Lebanese restaurant with belly dance, we emphasize on serving guests with great commitment. We can redefine feast and festivities. trained belly dancers, finger licking fresh Lebanese Food before you. What else is entertainment and true joy?

So, gear up to enjoy the mesmerizing steps of belly dancers and closely experience the sense of desert romancing. Meanwhile, the guests can taste delicious Lebaense cuisines. Feel free to contact us if you are eager to watch belly dancing and enjoy Lebanese cuisines.

So get ready to spend a colorful evening at our night club with refreshing drinks, melodious music. We will give you the appropriate party mood and memorable nightlife experience.